Where Community Matters

Community Development

Plenty Valley Christian College places a high value on community. We have gone to great lengths to cultivate a sense of connectedness and nurture between families, staff and students at the college.

It is for this reason we introduced the role of Community Development in 2010, with the view to enhancing the already strong relationships which occur throughout the college and into the wider community.

Sally Agostino currently coordinates Community Development at Plenty Valley Christian College. She is involved with maintaining contact with current and prospective families, as well as developing links into the community. Sally was recently involved in organising events surrounding the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the college and also manages the team of people who make up the Parents and Friends Association.

The Parents and Friends Association at Plenty Valley Christian College is a supportive group designed to offer support to the families, students and staff at PVCC. The committee is made up of three subsections: Community, Fundraising and Hospitality. In this way the P & F is able to support many in the college community in a variety of ways. Social activities build our sense of community; fundraisers are conducted to direct money towards specific college projects; and hospitality is provided to ensure that college events are a valuable and engaging experience.

Our parents are a vital and valued part of PVCC and we welcome participation by parents and interested individuals. If you are a current PVCC parent and would like to join the P & F committee, or commit to helping out on a semi-regular basis or if you are a current parent or even a prospective one, please feel free speak to Sally with any questions or comments you might have.

Sally can be contacted at sally.agostino@pvcc.vic.edu.au or by ringing college reception on 9717 7400.


We like to hear from our community

We are aware that from time to time there are things families would like to tell us. You may wish to let us know how fantastic one of the teaching staff have been for your child; you might have continuing frustration with a particular policy in the College; or you may want to give feedback about changes when we make them.

Obviously if you have a classroom issue, the matter should be addressed with the classroom or homegroup teacher. But if you have something outside of that process, families can avail themselves of our new feedback email address feedback@pvcc.vic.edu.au . This is a way you can communicate either an encouragement or a concern that you don’t feel is able to be dealt with at any other level. We can assure you that every email will be read and responded to. However, anonymous emails will not be responded to. Whilst we make no guarantee that every piece of feedback will change a policy or decision, we will listen and consider changes for the better.